Seven married years and an adventure


The Husband and I celebrated our seventh anniversary on May 27th. We were in the middle of nowhere, South Dakota, nestled between cattle ranches at the edge of the Badlands. We were hunting for agates when the weather turned from cloudless blue sky to dark and moody.

One can feel vulnerable at the powerlessness against the weather. At least I did. It is awesome and humbling to watch a massive storm move in an area where the only shelter is the front seat of a car.

After I snapped some photos with my point and shoot camera, The Husband and I got the hell outta there. Even so, I was in awe watching the storm bubble over and change and morph into different phases and intensities.┬áBack home in Minnesota, the sky isn’t as vast as the middle of nowhere. At least not in the Halloween Capital of the World. How lucky am I that I was able to see and capture this? Pretty damn lucky.

Just another reason to leave the house.